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Farmed rabbits - how can you help?

If you're concerned about the welfare of rabbits farmed for meat, here's what you can do to help.

Choose higher welfare

If more consumers insist on higher welfare products, more supermarkets will want to stock them, which will encourage more farmers to improve their farming practices and ultimately more farm animals will benefit.

If you buy farmed rabbit meat, please only choose meat from rabbits reared in higher welfare systems such as enriched group pens, and refuse to buy meat from rabbits that were reared in cages.

Ask your retailer

If you see rabbit meat for sale, please ask the retailer whether the rabbits that produced the meat were farmed and, if so, ask about the conditions they were reared in.

In particular, you might like to ask about some of the key farmed rabbit welfare issues and find out what they're doing to try to avoid them.

Join our campaigns

Please support our campaigns to improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible, at every stage of their lives.

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