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Best environment for your pet goats

Goats need plenty of space where they can browse, exercise, climb, investigate, explore and play in safety. Their environment needs to be clean, comfortable, offer suitable protection and be interesting.

Here are some things to remember when creating the right environment for your goats.


Goats can't tolerate wet conditions and will always try to look for dry shelter in bad weather. They, therefore, need access to housing 24 hours a day, whatever the season.

Your goats' housing should:

  • be warm, dry, draught-free and well-ventilated
  • be big and sturdy enough for them
  • allow all goats to rest and feed comfortably
  • allow you to inspect, handle and manage your goats easily

You should allow at least 2.0 to 2.5 square metres of space per goat. You'll need to clean and disinfect the shelter and everything inside it frequently to remove parasites.

Outdoor area

Goats need exercise and will also require access to an outdoor area free from hazards such as poisonous plants. You'll need to fence the field or paddock effectively, as goats are very good at escaping. Fences should be:

  • well maintained and provide protection against wild animals
  • very strong, safe and durable
  • high and secure enough to prevent the goats from escaping
  • made of material that ensures goats cannot become trapped/injured

Tethering goats

You should keep your goats in a securely fenced area, and never tether them. There's a danger that tethered goats might become tangled or strangled, as well as being unable to escape from bad weather, dogs, children and other things that scare them.

Finally, remember that goats are inquisitive animals whose curiosity can result in accidents and/or injury. Always consider their safety in the design of buildings, doors, gates and fences.

For more information on keeping goats, have a read of our introduction to goat welfare and ownership.

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