Caring for pet goats


Goat standing outside © RSPCA

  • Goats are social herd animals and need the company of other goats
  • You must plan to allow at least two goats, who get on well, to live together.
  • It can be difficult to introduce new individuals to an existing herd. Ideally, it is best to acquire two or more goats from the same herd that are already companions.

Health and welfare

  • Always contact a vet if you are concerned about the health and welfare of your goats.
  • Owners should frequently check for health problems such as lameness, diarrhoea and parasites and for any unusual bumps, lumps, and changes in coat texture or udder appearance.

In general, healthy goats:

  • have good appetites
  • have strong, glossy coats
  • have clear, bright eyes
  • should move freely and easily
  • behave in an interested, alert and playful manner.

Veterinary care

  • Goats need regular veterinary care.
  • Vaccinations, worming, foot care, general health checks and emergency veterinary care are very important, and can be costly.

For more information on keeping goats download our booklet:
An introduction to goat welfare and ownership (PDF 1.3MB).

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