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Keeping ducks and geese as pets

If you're thinking of keeping ducks or geese as pets, find out how best to look after them to ensure you can keep them healthy and happy. As with any pet, keeping ducks or geese is a big commitment, so read our advice to understand their needs and assess whether you have the time, resources, knowledge and facilities to care for them. 

gosling and goose walking in grass © RSPCA

The advice you need will depend on where you're planning to keep your ducks or geese indoors or outdoors.

You can learn all about how to look after your birds in our guide to caring for pet ducks and geese, which includes everything you need to know about their diet, company and health and welfare.

Always contact a vet if you're concerned about the health and welfare of your pet ducks or geese.

Registering with the Great Britain Poultry Register

If you're keeping 50 or more birds, you'll need to register with Defra's Great Britain Poultry Register. This is so that the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency can get in touch with you if there are any disease outbreaks you need to know about.

While Defra requires owners of 50 or more birds to register, we highly recommend that you register no matter how many birds you have - even if you only have one or two. This means you'll receive disease alerts and guidance that will help you look after your birds' wellbeing.

Read more about caring for pet ducks and geese.

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