Keeping pet ducks and geese indoors

Although ducks and geese like water, they will seek protection and shelter from adverse weather, such as driving rain, direct sunshine and strong winds. Suitable accommodation and shelters on the outdoor area should therefore be provided.


  • Should be warm, dry and well-ventilated.
  • The house and everything inside should be cleaned frequently and disinfected to remove parasites.
  • Food and water should be provided in the house.


  • Should be covered with dry material (e.g. wood shavings, straw), to allow a comfortable resting area. This must be topped-up or replaced when needed.


  • There should be enough space inside the house for birds to move around easily, exercise, stretch their wings and carry out normal behaviours. 
  • We recommend providing at least one square metre of floor space for every two/three ducks, or one goose.

Nest boxes

  • Female ducks and geese may seek an isolated position to lay eggs, and prefer somewhere safe and secluded, such as an individual nest box. 
  • Nest boxes should be draught-free and lined with clean, dry, comfortable nesting material (e.g. straw or wood shavings).

Entrance to the house/outdoor area for the birds

  • Should allow birds to pass through easily without having to crouch.
  • More than one entrance helps avoid bullying and encourages use of the outdoor area.

Find out about some important considerations for the outdoor environment for pet ducks and geese and in our caring for pet ducks and geese page we have information on their diet, company and health and welfare.

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