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Dog dumped in rubbish is now in loving home

Dog dumped in rubbish is now in loving home

A terrified boxer-type dog who was found in a filthy garden after she was callously abandoned is now loving life in her forever home.

The poor dog, now named Zola, was found abandoned in a filthy garden in Liverpool with no food, water or shelter. She had been left alone for days after her owner vacated the property once he had sold her puppies. 

Zola was left in a filthy garden, which was fenced off so she couldn't escape, and was in the full sunshine with no food and water. 

Concerned neighbours were able to put food over the fence and tried to give her water until they realised the poor dog had been left for good and reported the matter to the RSPCA. The animal welfare charity sealed around the gate of the garden to prove she was abandoned so they could rescue her.

Inspector Anthony Joynes was called to the scene and rescued the very grateful and friendly dog, who was taken for a veterinary check-up. Once no owner came forward she was rehabilitated at RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire until a forever home was found for Zola.

Now life for Zola is completely different and she's loving life with her new family in Congleton, Cheshire, with new owners Sarah Webb and Chris Longsdale and Sarah's son Tom. The fun-loving, gentle giant loves giving affection and also enjoys playing with other dogs.

We're highlighting the plight of Zola as part of our Join the Christmas Rescue fundraising campaign, calling on the public to support more rescues like this as abandonment and neglect reach a three year high.

Anthony said: "I always remember going to the filthy garden and the poor dog had no shelter and no water. She had recently had puppies and it seems once these had been sold the owner decided to discard her like rubbish as she had served her purpose.

"She was very nervous when I went in the garden but soon came round and was really a lovely dog. I took her to a vet where she stayed for a few days until the weather was cool enough for her to be transported to an RSPCA centre - and in those few days she really bonded with me.

"I'm so pleased she's now with a loving family enjoying the life she deserves."

Sarah said: "I came across Zola on the website and saw the photograph in the garden with all the rubbish and I fell for her. So we contacted the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch of the RSPCA and they were so helpful.

"We adopted Zola and took her home - and the first time she went into our garden she just went crazy and was so excited  - it was like she knew this was her new home.

"She's such a loveable but clumsy dog because of her size. She's so funny - we took her to the seaside recently and because she saw me queuing up for a donut she decided to do the same. So she had her paws resting on the counter as if to say 'where is mine' The business owner was so taken with her he made a special donut without sugar on for her!

"She loves playing with other dogs - especially puppies - but has also done some dog training and has taken to it really well and gained a bronze award. It's so lovely having her around, she's so fun and loving - she's a delight."

Steph McCawley, support engagement officer at the branch, said: "We're thrilled to see Zola having the time of her life in her new home. It's always so rewarding to see a dog we have rehabilitated go on to have such a well-deserved happy ending."

The Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch of the RSPCA is part of the RSPCA family but is a self funded branch in its own right. To help them care for dogs like Zola, find out more on their website.

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