Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall is a presenter, adventurer and all round animal and wildlife enthusiast who has been a supporter of ours since he was a child. At thirteen years old he started volunteering for us and his passion has only grown since then. He's a strong advocate for animal welfare as well as a spokesperson for the importance of conservation and protecting our environment for future generations to come. 

Ambition to get young people outside in nature

His work surrounding conservation spans from educating the public in his live shows, his commitment to conservation charities across the globe, and his television shows and books. He's a hugely popular presenter for CBBC, particularly known for his long-standing show Deadly 60.

Steve's ambition to get young people outside in nature and help their love for animals to grow is evident throughout his work, such as his book Wildlings: How to Raise Your Family in Nature, which includes activities and ideas of how to get families more involved with the wildlife and wild spaces in their area. 

He speaks passionately about the significance of the role the next generation must play in protecting our wild spaces from harm and taking care of the animals that live in them. Steve is a strong believer that educating young people and encouraging them to get outside will help to make them lovers of the environment and animals.
"I'm proud to say that my first ever volunteering experience was with the RSPCA, so I'm thrilled to still be a part of such an important charity all these years later. The RSPCA is a superb organisation that does extraordinary work surrounding animal welfare. I'm very passionate about conservation and inspiring young people to get out in nature and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds them, so I'm pleased to be part of a charity that shares these values."
Steve Backshall

 Steve Backshall greeting an RSPCA rescue dog