Kate Lawler

Kate Lawler is a radio and TV presenter, podcaster, and all-round animal lover. In 2022 she became a Sunday Times bestselling author for her book Maybe Baby: On The Mother Side. She began her public career in 2002 when she won the third series of Big Brother.

Encouraging young people to take an interest in animal welfare

Since taking on the role of one of our ambassadors in 2018, Kate has helped our cause in many ways and supported numerous campaigns. In 2022, for example, she ran the London Marathon for us with her friend Allegra, raising more than £23,000. 

Kate is keen to encourage young people to take an interest in animal welfare too and has encouraged her family - and her dogs - to take part in our fundraising initiatives. Together, Kate and her loved ones took part in our 'Little Steps' fundraising campaign, which asks ‘young heroes’ and their families to walk to raise funds to help us rescue animals in need. 

Kate has two dogs – Baxter, a border terrier, and a terrier-cross rescue called Shirley. Her passion for her dogs and for all animals is clear, as is her energy and commitment, so we're delighted that she's an ambassador for us and highly value her continued support. 

"I'm beyond excited to be working with the RSPCA and to be part of their brilliant events as I care deeply about animals and am especially passionate about dogs. I want to raise awareness about teaching children the importance of being kind to animals, encourage pet adoption and help raise much-needed funds for the charity. Helping to create a world that’s kinder to animals is our duty and I look forward to doing as much as I possibly can."

Kate Lawler
 Kate Lawler with her beloved dog, Baxter