Fabian Rivers

Fabian Rivers, aka Dready Vet, is an exotics and wildlife veterinary surgeon alongside being a television presenter. Fabian is the exotics vet on CBBC's show The Pets Factor and presented the BBC Three program Britain's Puppy Boom: Counting the Cost, which focused on issues including illicit breeding, illegal importation and ear cropping of dogs. 

It's important to educate and engage young people in animal welfare

Fabian has an amazing passion for animals and has spoken up on numerous occasions about RSPCA campaigns that work to protect animal welfare and raise awareness, such as our Kindness Index, Cancel Out Cruelty and our work to ban the use of shock collars in England. Fabian greatly values educating and engaging young people in the importance of taking care of the animals that share our world and we are excited he will continue to be involved in our education outreach work in his role as an ambassador.

We are very pleased to have Fabian representing the RSPCA, to share in his passion and expertise and work together to protect and care for animals.
"In my eyes, all animals deserve a chance and opportunity to not only live but thrive in a world that supports them. This is why being an ambassador for the RSPCA is an honour and I can't wait to get stuck in."
Fabian Rivers

 Fabian Rivers with his beloved dog, Jackson