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Annual General Meeting

Following the recent RSPCA National Council election, the following members (listed in alphabetical order by surname) have been elected to serve for the next three years with effect from 24 June 2017.

  • Mrs Wendy Dowding
  • Mrs Elizabeth Lindsay
  • Mr Terence Pavey
  • Mr Joseph Piccioni
  • Mr David Thomas

The following candidates were not elected:

  • Mr F. George Hammett
  • Mrs Christina Tomlinson

The result has been formally announced at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 24 June 2017, which was held at:

Central Hall Westminster


Storey’s Gate





RSPCA Council

Our Council of elected members is an integral part of RSPCA daily life. 

Our Council members are the charity’s trustees and as volunteers do not profit from their role. They are responsible for providing leadership and direction, and also ensure the effective use of our resources to maximise the benefit to animal welfare.

Council members
are elected by our members each year for a three-year period, and the results are announced at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the summer.

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Our patrons and vice-presidents

The Council also has responsibility for the appointment of patrons and presidents.

Her Majesty the Queen is patron of the RSPCA. Find out who our other patrons and vice-presidents are. 

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Council meetings

Please note we are currently reviewing the format of Council meetings and, until further notice, meetings will not be open for members to attend.



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AGM minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 25 June 2016 are available on request from the Executive Office, RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham RH13 9RS.

E-mail: executive@rspca.org.uk