Our governance

We're governed by a ruling council of elected trustees who are responsible for ensuring the Society is effectively managed and meets its charitable objectives.

Day-to-day leadership of the organisation is undertaken by an executive team, lead by the Chief Executive.

Our Council has a maximum of 25 members. 15 are elected by the membership and 10 by vote of our branches in each of the 10 regional divisions of branches. Council members are not remunerated for their role.

Council members are elected by our members each year for a three-year period, and the results are announced at our Annual General Meeting each summer.

RSPCA National Council election results

Following the recent RSPCA National Council election, the following members (listed in alphabetical order by surname) have been elected to serve for the next three years with effect from 28 June 2018.

  • Mr David Canavan
  • Mrs Barbara Gardner
  • Dr Daniel Lyons
  • Mrs Christina Tomlinson
  • Ms Jane Tredgett

The following candidate was not elected:

  • Mr F. George Hammett

The results were formally announced at our Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2018.

Governance review

The Council of the RSPCA is committed to the very highest levels of governance. As such, an independent expert review of the Society's existing governance arrangements was commissioned was published in June 2017 to ensure they are as effective as possible and in line with best practice.

The RSPCA Council has publically recognised that effective governance is key to ensuring the RSPCA continues to deliver it’s vital work helping animals in need.

We are working through the recommendations from the governance review and are making good progress. Nearly 90 per cent of the recommendations have been implemented.

Although the RSPCA is almost 200 years old we are firmly focused on the future and we have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline which the trustees and new chief executive fully support.

You can read the key findings and recommendations here:

RSPCA Governance Review Key findings and recommendations June 2017 (PDF 976KB)

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