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The Animal Kindness Index 2022

The Animal Kindness Index is a UK-wide survey into people's attitudes towards animals.

We commissioned the survey, alongside the Scottish SPCA, to find out what values people hold when it comes to animal welfare and related topics.

Our vision is a world where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion. The results of the Animal Kindness Index will help us to get there.

A nation of animal lovers

Our survey found the vast majority of people in the UK are willing and able to help animals. But they expect others across society and governments to as well.

69% of Brits are animal lovers
84% think that animal welfare should be taught in schools
4 in 5 people think that animal welfare should be protected by law
75% took action to help animals in the last 12 months

The cost of living

The cost-of-living crisis continues, with many households struggling. This means it's more expensive for people to look after their pets too. So as our budgets tighten, animal welfare could be at risk.

2 of 3 pet owners say it is  more expensive to look after their pet compared to last year
28% of pet owners are worried about being able to care for their pets
19% are worried about feeding their pets
153% rise in people searching online for can I give my dog paracetamol

Purchasing power

People understand that animal welfare and environmental issues are firmly linked. So that means we can choose to spend and invest our money in ways that help animals, people and the environment.

4 of 5 think water and pollution and deforestation have a large impact on animal welfare
66% consider animal welfare standards in their dietary choices
1 of 4 people who can control how their pension is invested consider its impact on animals
One third have reduced or stopped eating meat in the past year

Animals have feelings too

Our attitude and behaviour towards animals is shaped by our understanding of their sentience. And the more knowledge and experience someone has of a species, the more likely they'll believe they can think and feel.

92% consider dogs to have feelings too
3 in 4 people think that chickens and rats have feelings
1 in 2 believe lobsters, carps and bees to be sentient
Less than 30% of the public think that jellyfish and sea anemones are sentient