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bird rspca
A walk on the wild side: Why mindful walks don't have to be left in 2020
"I'm really keen to reach out and show that we really do care about wildlife outside of the uniform. We're real people who enjoy the many ways that nature can benefit us all - we all need Vitamin N!"
cats and wildlife rspca
Study shows how playing with your cat every day can reduce how much they hunt wildlife
Researchers found that just five to ten minutes of daily play with an owner resulted in a 25% reduction in hunting. This new research helps give cat owners ways to protect wildlife whilst still being kind to their cats.
rspca rat
Four curious facts you probably didn't know about rats
"I never really meant to have pet rats, but when two young rat pups needed a home - I couldn't say no! They quickly stole my heart - one was incredibly clever (he quickly learnt how to open the door to their enclosure!) and the other was the cuddliest boy - only really happy when he was asleep across my lap."
rescue dog
Meet the unwanted lockdown puppies
"There was a huge surge in demand for dogs during lockdown as families made the most of spending more time at home. What concerns us is what's happening to these 'lockdown puppies' now and what will happen to them over the coming months."
eric rspca
Help us change the law for neglected animals like Eric
"We've been training him in preparation for this day, to help him adjust to the life that has been put on hold for him. He is an absolute goofball with a huge heart, and a simple change in the law could have really changed his life."
guinea pigs rspca rescue animals
8 reasons why you should adopt a rescue guinea pig
"When you adopt you're creating space in a rescue centre so you're effectively helping more animals than just the ones that you adopt. Plus, your adoption fee goes towards helping more animals!"
dog and rspca inspector
Animal cruelty doesn't stop for coronavirus - so neither did we! What we have learned from one year of lockdown
Despite global health pandemics, national lockdowns, and major upheavals to the everyday lives of the human population - animals still need our help. And we're proud to say that we've been there for them through it all.
5 big reasons to say no to gene editing and #StopTheSplice
Our campaigns team weighs in on our latest campaign to protect farm animals.
How I prepared my dog ahead of bringing home our new baby
A growing family is a blessing but it also has its own set of challenges and creates disturbance and new routines in the home - especially for four-legged friends!
Herchy Boal
Meet the strong women who dedicated their lives to fighting for animals
The RSPCA has been shaped by pioneering women throughout our history, from the Victorian age right up to the present day. Without them, we would never have been able to rescue the animals that we have.