Ukraine refugee cat
How we're helping animals fleeing the war in Ukraine

Ukraine led to many people fleeing the bloodshed and violence with children in tow and in many cases their beloved pets.

two rescue dogs rspca
Meet the long-stay rescue dogs looking for their forever home
You can't buy love - but you can rescue it.
two policemen with police dog in front of police car © RSPCA
National Superhero Day - Rescue dogs to police dogs

This National Superhero Day meet five of our four-legged pals who went from rescue pups to su-paw heroes!

jockey riding racehorse with whip visible © RSPCA
It's time for horse racing to wave goodbye to the whip

It's time to get rid of the whip for encouragement. More research needs to be conducted to identify whether the whip even has a place in horse racing.

rats rspca
Are owners truly looking after their pet rats?

"Rats are such intelligent creatures and are full of personality, just like tiny dogs, and I think they deserve the best life we can give them."

bird litter nest
The dangers of string and ribbon to our birdlife
The true cost of litter: suffocation and starvation.
crufts dog rspca blog
Flat-faced dogs: Celebrated at Crufts but still suffering
"It's dogs like Henny and the breeders who produced him who should have been awarded, not the more exaggerated version who was broadcast to millions and paraded as the blueprint for the British bulldog."
Close-up of french bulldog standing outside © Karsten Winegeart | Unsplash
'I love dogs - but we're ruining them'

Our desire for cuteness and the selection for shorter, flatter faces has resulted in dogs who struggle to breathe.

rspca chickens
Time to act: More animals intensively farmed than ever before
"2022 is a pivotal year for farm animal welfare."
Storm's story: Dealing with separation anxiety

"Owning a dog is a challenge, it's a huge responsibility, and it's a privilege."