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Is the new Trade and Agriculture Commission a Trojan horse?
As the RSPCA's Chief Executive, I want to be able to celebrate with our half a million supporters, that post Brexit we have succeeded in securing and improving our farm animal welfare standards.
Social media: A blessing and a curse

Our Social Media Manager, Tess Macpherson-Woods, shares her experience working here in the busy world of social media.

How do I get my dog used to face masks?
For many pets, seeing people in face coverings will be a new experience and some may feel anxious or afraid...
Is this really the end of China's dog meat trade?
China's move away from dogs as livestock - and towards dogs as pets - brings welcome changes for animal welfare.
24 ways we've made a difference for animals over the last 196 years 

Today we're celebrating 196 years of achievements for animal welfare.

Carry on campaigning: Keeping up the pressure to End Live Exports

Today we mark Ban Live Exports: International Awareness Day - a day when we reflect on decades of campaigning to end this needless trade.

Are you thinking of getting a kitten?

If you're thinking of getting a kitten (especially during these difficult times) there's a lot to consider before rushing into anything...

10 reasons why you should adopt two kittens instead of one

There are reasons why some animal rescue centres will only rehome in pairs...

We're seeing a surge of volunteer sign-ups during coronavirus lockdown

During National Volunteers Week, we're thanking our thousands of helpers and everything they do for animals...

Join us for our virtual "dog show" with a twist!

This year, rather than wistfully dreaming of all of the regional show-rings that can't take place this summer, we have joined forces across the country to offer over 30 simultaneous virtual pet shows!