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rspca virtual one fun day
Join us for our virtual "dog show" with a twist!
This year, rather than wistfully dreaming of all of the regional show-rings that can't take place this summer, we have joined forces across the country to offer over 30 simultaneous virtual pet shows!
cat games
How to prevent your kids and your cats getting bored (and have fun too!)
Now is a great time to enrol your kids in some kitty education and get them involved in activities that will boost your pet's health and happiness too!
rspca dog with fleas
How to prevent your pet from getting fleas
Making flea treatment a regular part of your pet care routine will give you a much better chance of preventing them and the associated discomfort for your pet.
7 ways we're committing to a more sustainable future rspca paper bags
7 ways we're committing to a more sustainable future
We're passionate animal lovers here at the RSPCA and this World Environment Day our committed animal rescuers, HQ team and volunteers (to name a few!) continue to work hard every day to help create a world that's kinder to animals...
Dog sniffing on a walk
How dogs' noses can help us in the fight against coronavirus
We all know dogs have a good sense of smell, but you don't know the half of it!
What to do if you find a pregnant cat or kittens (during the coronavirus pandemic)
April to September is known as 'kitten season' and during the coronavirus pandemic, how we can help has changed.
Why tariffs are important in keeping Britain's farm welfare standards post Brexit
Why are these laws so important? A guest blog by our head of public affairs.
Rachel Smith
Behind the scenes: Working on the frontline during the Coronavirus crisis
We asked Rachel Smith, who works in the Buckinghamshire area, what it's like working on the frontline during these unprecedented times.
How can I minimise stress and keep my cat happy during coronavirus?
Every cat will have their own different personality, which means some of them are more sensitive to environmental changes while others can be very resilient.
Unneutered cats and the coronavirus - what to do if your cat or kitten hasn't been neutered
Our expert advice on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies in kittens and cats while neutering is not accessible.