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Our top 5 tips to help your dog adjust to life after lockdown...
How do I prepare my dog for life post-lockdown?
Our top 5 tips to help your dog adjust to life after lockdown...
Influencer, Arielle Fox on how her rescue dogs helped her fight chronic illness and depression
"It's easy to underestimate the power and influence a pet can have on your life and I honestly don't know how I would have coped without mine."
Brexit: what does the trade agreement mean for animal welfare?
We have read all those pages so you don't have to - here's our analysis...
chris and marm rspca
The flame-furred feline who stole my heart
Today our flame-haired CEO Chris Sherwood - and more importantly, his ravishing red puss, Marmalade - take to our blog to talk about ginger cats!
horses RSPCA
My experience rehoming an RSPCA horse
"There were some tearful goodbyes on the lorry (which was lovely to see - I'd have been more worried if they had looked happy to see him leaving!)."
20 reasons for animal lovers to be happy about 2020
If there was ever a year that we needed a large dose of happy news the most, it's 2020! Here are 20 happy news stories to help you end the year on a high...
What's it like to be a communications volunteer at the RSPCA?
"It gives me great satisfaction to know that my time is helping such an important cause."
Wild animals used in vaccine tests: What's being done to help
We've all been excited to hear the recent good news about potential vaccines for COVID-19. But did you know that vaccine production relies heavily on the use of animals, not only in the laboratory but also in the wild?
UK set to become the first European country to ban live animal exports
Bailey the older rescue dog
Why adopting an older dog was the best choice we could have made
"That's the thing -  you don't adopt an older dog for you, you do it for them, but you get so much back that, in the end, it won't be clear who helped who more."