Vet nurse - Naomi Killingsworth

Vet Nurse Naomi Killingsworth holding kitten, Bluebell © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA Photolibrary

Naomi has been a vet nurse for seven years and is one of 30 vet nurses at our animal hospital in Birmingham. The hospital also has 10 vets and two operating theatres.

An average day

During an average day Naomi's hospital will neuter 11 cats, dogs and rabbits. Hospital staff will perform six major operations as well as dealing with strays and emergency cases.

Common admittances

The hospital admits many animals that are the victims of house fires. Naomi recalls one poor cat who had all her paws burnt off:

We really didn't think she would make it, but over a few weeks her wounds heeled. She made a full recovery, except that she can no longer retract her claws which means she sometimes gets her claws stuck in the carpet!

Upsetting cases

Sadly, the hospital has a lot of fighting dogs coming through their doors. These dogs have not only been placed in illegal staged dog fights but have often been mistreated by their owners. 

"It's upsetting that the owners treat them like that. But that's why I'm here, to help animals" says Naomi.

Working with people

Much of Naomi's work involves working with people.  Not everyone who comes through the hospital doors is as grateful as you might think, as Naomi explains:

Sometimes I wish more people would appreciate what we do. We work hard here, but it can be taken for granted. 

Of course there are also many people who couldn't be more grateful for what we've done to help their animals - they make it all worthwhile.

If, like Naomi, you love animals why not find a way to get involved today?

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