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Our promise to you

It's all about doing more for animal welfare

Everyone in the RSPCA community - staff, volunteers, trustees - will deliver good customer service to each other and to supporters, members and users of our services

This vision will be reflected in the way that we investigate and prosecute cruelty to animals. And in our work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome - as well as campaigning and educating to change attitudes and behaviours.

We'll do this by continuing to use sound science to inform our decisions, formulate our policies and define our strategies to improve animal welfare.

We promise to:


Value our supporters, our members and the users of our services

  • Aspire to be consistent across the organisation, making sure that everyone who contacts us receives high-quality service
  • Provide a supportive environment for our staff and volunteers, allowing them to deliver the best customer service experience.

Our goals are to:

  • Be consistent in the way that we engage with our supporters, our members and the users of our services, treating them with respect at all times
  • Make sure that resources and funds are used efficiently ¿ evaluating and measuring our performance so we can be innovative and learn how to improve in the future
  • Be compassionate, progressive and confident in our dealings with the general public, in order to effect positive change
  • Make sure that staff are knowledgeable and that the Society is accessible, relevant, trusted and honest at all times.


Hedgehog at wildlife centre

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Recruit the best staff and volunteers, train them to agreed standards and recognise excellence
  • Ensure advice is current, easy to understand and accessible
  • Encourage feedback on all our services and act on it
  • Value our stakeholders, including other bodies and organisations that contribute to animal welfare.

Our objectives are to:

  • Recognise excellence in our staff and volunteers and train them to agreed standards
  • Consolidate our knowledge and share it with staff and volunteers
  • Measure improvements through the collection of positive feedback and complaints, and report achievements and areas for development to the RSPCA¿s governing Council.