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RSPCA Honours awards 2016

Thanks to the hard work, courage and compassion of our inspectors and other frontline staff, we were able to rescue 118,994 animals in 2015.

Their dedicated work is supported by an incredible number of people; including RSPCA staff, volunteers, as well as independent scientists, animal hospitals and all of our dedicated supporters.

About the Honours

For over 100 years, the RSPCA Honours have been an opportunity to recognise those people and organisations who’ve helped us in our goal to end animal cruelty and protect animals from abuse.

Awards are given for bravery, outstanding service and to recognise exceptional contributions to animal welfare. The criteria are stringent, with each application being considered by our Honours Selection Committee.

Nominations are now closed

Thank you to everyone who nominated someone for the 2016 RSPCA Honours. The nominations are now being looked at and the nominees will be announced very soon. Though nominations are now closed you can still read more about the RSPCA Honours categories.

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