The Great British Spring Clean

A fabulous initiative to Keep Britain Tidy. As we celebrate our 200th anniversary, let's work to protect our environment and wildlife for generations to come. We're lucky to enjoy such diverse wildlife here in England and Wales, but sadly, its populations are declining.

Now, more than ever, we need to take action

For many years we've been working to raise awareness of the harmful effects that litter has on our environment. Litter destroys our environment and poses serious danger to our wildlife. One alarming issue with litter is animals unknowingly eat it, which can have dire effects on them. They can also get trapped or entangled which could mean they sadly die. More litter means these issues are rising.

That's why, for the past nine years, we've proudly partnered with Keep Britain Tidy on initiatives such as the Great British Spring Clean and Cymru Clean. These events provide a platform for communities to unite, clean up litter, and drive change on the land and in water. Together, we can make a difference and protect our planet and all its inhabitants.

Make the pledge to Keep Britain Tidy

The Great British Spring Clean #BigBagChallenge is back for 2024! We invite you to join us in this important event. Whether you participate in an organised event, host a clean-up in your local community, or take small but impactful actions in your everyday life to reduce litter, every effort counts.

Let's draw inspiration from our 200-year legacy and work towards a brighter future. Together, we can ensure that our environment thrives and our wildlife flourishes for generations to come.

Litter picking with the RSPCA

Engaging children on the impact of litter

Empower the children and young people you know about the impact of litter on wildlife with our educational activities.