Fundraising ideas at work

Get down to some monkey business. Bring in the pounds with your work colleagues. Take a peek at our ideas and ways to maximise your total. Get everything you need to make your fundraising event a success in our fundraising pack, sign up today and receive advice from our events team about your fundraising event.

Request a fundraising pack

Interested in having entries in a bespoke fundraising event at work? Find out why we're the ideal charity of the year. We also offer lots of corporate volunteering days at our animal centres.

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Bake sale

Recruit some keen bakers, set the date, then shout about it! You can use our posters (PDF 1.08MB) to spread the word, and why not print off our RSPCA cake flags (PDF 788KB), and bunting (PDF 288KB) to make your sale look the part?

Don¿t forget to order our fundraising pack, which includes a collection box, poster and more. You'll also receive advice from our events team about your fundraising event. Take a look at our cake decorations and cake cases for sale.

Dress up or down!

Charge a pound or two for dress down Friday. Or you could dress up and make it fancy dress, with an "animal onesie day".

Office etiquette

Set up a 24 hour office ban, write a list of funny rules with a pound or two fine. Examples include, not offering to make tea for everyone, or fined if you forget to say good morning to everyone in the team. Make sure everyone agrees before!

Charity game

Hold your own charity game, it could be football, cricket, rounders or whatever takes your fancy. Charge for entry and sell refreshments. Don¿t forget to look at our event checklist (PDF 100KB).

Car wash

Offer to wash cars (PDF 48KB), while they work. Get to your staff car park early and ask for a donation per car.

Match giving

Does your employer offer match giving, it could mean they match what you raise pound for pound? Just ask, you could double what you raise for us.

Sweepstake poster

A quick way to raise some extra pounds - pet sweepstake posters work well in the workplace and help add to your fundraising target. People pay a pound or two for their guess to win a prize. You could offer a hamper of booze or a wheelbarrow of sweets.

Why not try asking local shops for a donation too! Our events team have ready made sweepstake posters, please email including your address and details of your fundraising plans.


Organise a quiz over a lunch time, we have even come up with some animal themed quiz question (PDF 96KB) for you and the answers.

Why not include our cat and dog animal picture round (PDF 6.39MB). Charge teams £5 to enter, no cheating!

Read our guidance on holding your own quiz (PDF 384KB).


Hold a raffle and ask for donations. You could even ask your boss to donate an extra days holiday around Christmas time. Ask work colleagues to donate that bottle of booze that¿s been sitting in the cupboard for ages.

Fundraise in your lunch break

Find a quiet space and charge a fee for yoga or pilates class. A great way to maximise your spare time and round up your work colleagues.

Other ideas

Other ideas include a zumba class, treasure hunt or job swap.

Case Study: Harris + Hoole

Harris + Hoole coffee shops in Tesco stores across the South took part in our annual fundraising week, raising money with the help of their customers. Staff sold merchandise, had fun dressing up and organised guess the name of the badger competitions! Thanks to their amazing efforts, Harris + Hoole raised hundreds of pounds to help turn around the lives of animals in need.