Kitten Season Appeal

Since the start of lockdown we have rescued more cats and kittens than any other pet


This Kitten Season our teams will work around the clock to rescue and provide lifesaving care to thousands of abandoned cats and kittens. Your donation can help towards the emergency medical treatment, food and love they deserve*.


Why we need your help

Most kittens are typically born between April and September which means during the 'kitten season' we see a shocking increase in the number of abandonments.

"We are currently caring for more cats than any other pet throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Every year, the scale of the cat overpopulation problem becomes even more apparent from May to September when most cats are born as the RSPCA is often overwhelmed with kittens. The kitten season this year will continue despite COVID-19 and so the charity is bracing itself for even more cats."

Dr Samantha Gaines, Head of the RSPCA's Companion Animal Department

Our animal rescuers, centres and branches are a lifeline for thousands of newborn kittens and cats. We are working 24/7 to ensure we can provide the vital care they need to survive. Hand-rearing kittens is a very demanding commitment as they need to be bottle-fed day and night, initially every two hours.

"Sadly, we do see many kittens coming into our care at this time of year. This could be due to them being abandoned, often litters may have been unplanned and owners find that they cannot cope with an unexpected litter of kittens, or they could be stray kittens who have lost their mum."

Chloe Benson, Animal Care Assistant, RSPCA MIllbrook Animal Centre

We need your help to reach more abandoned cats and kittens this summer and provide them with the love and care they need to survive.

Your donation means our Animal Rescue teams reach more abandoned animals and ensures our centres and branches have the equipment, food and warmth, cats and kittens need to survive.


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*Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most, across our activities.