Ban disposable vapes


Support our call on UK Government to ban disposable vapes.

We all know the issues related to single-use plastics and many of us have welcomed a ban on some single-use items which came into force this October. But did you know disposable vapes, also a single-use plastic, are posing a huge risk to our environment and wildlife, yet continue to be sold in their masses?

We are encouraged by the promise made by Rishi Sunak regarding restrictions on disposable vapes in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference 2023. However, we must question whether these restrictions go far enough. According to a recent survey conducted among our supporters, over 90% of them would like to see a complete ban on the sale of disposable vapes. Such a blanket ban would effectively address the threats posed to our already struggling wildlife and environment. 

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The problem with disposable vapes

These devices are thrown away, many littering our streets, countryside and beaches with some entering our waterways and having potentially devastating consequences for our precious wildlife.

A massive 5 million disposable vapes are thrown away weekly in the UK. This is four times the amount since Material Focus first researched the issue only a year ago, and equates to a whopping 8 vapes per second. This unbelievable figure is creating yet more hazardous litter to the environment and places our precious wildlife at risk.
 A discarded vape found on the beach

Vapes are a danger to animals

While disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular, they pose significant risks to animals both domesticated and wild.


The lithium-ion batteries in vapes can overheat and cause a fire if they are not handled or disposed of properly. This can not only cause harm to individuals but also lead to devastating wildfires that can destroy habitats and threaten wildlife.

Ingestion, poisoning, and choking hazards

Animals such as birds, fish, and marine mammals often mistake vapes for food and can suffer from internal injuries or even death as a result. These hazards also apply to young children who may accidentally ingest vapes or the liquid nicotine contained within them.

Make sure disposable vapes are banned

Email your Member of Parliament and urge them to ensure the topic of banning disposable vapes remains high on the UK Government's agenda. Let them know about the environmental and wildlife risks associated with these single-use plastics. Together, we can encourage our elected representatives to take a stand against disposable vapes and protect our environment.

Take action and contact your MP

To combat this growing issue, we need your help in pushing for a change. A ban on vapes seems close, but we must make sure it happens. It's time to take action and make a difference!

Recycle vapes responsibly

In the meantime, it's important to dispose of vapes properly. Remember, vapes shouldn't be placed in normal household bins or battery recycling points usually found within supermarket entrances.

How to recycle vapes