Animals are not objects

Much like us, sentient animals are aware of their feelings and emotions. Their lives matter to them and they have the same capacity as us to feel joy and pleasure, as well as pain and suffering. Legal recognition of sentience is crucial in order to give animals the vital protection they need.

Animals have feelings - and UK law agrees

We're thrilled that in April 2022, the Sentience Bill completed its final stages in the Houses of Parliament, ensuring that animal sentience is finally recognised in UK law.

Multiple scientific studies demonstrate that animals are sentient beings, meaning that they have the same capacity as us to feel joy and happiness, along with a negative spectrum of emotions including fear, pain and sadness. Just like us, animals have feelings.

This is no niche issue, as 86% of the public is in support of a law on animal sentience. We're sure that just like us, you're delighted to see this huge change in law for animals.

What will this mean for animals?

The Sentience Bill will provide a unique opportunity to recognise animals when making policy decisions on all areas, not just those solely concerned with animals. 

The new law will ensure that all UK Government departments should take animal sentience into account when making policy decisions -  in the same way that is already done for environmental reasons.

Better protection is on the horizon for sentient animals

The change will also result in a new Committee to assess how the UK Government is doing when making these decisions. While the Committee itself won't change policy, it will for the first time ensure that policy looks at any implication for animals.

We'd like to thank our supporters for every email and Tweet sent over the last few months. In fact, over 16,000 of you came together to stand up for animals during the Bill's final stages. Without you, change like this would not be possible.

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