Stop the use of animals on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

Returning for its 23rd season, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here is one of ITV’s most anticipated reality shows. It’s also one of the most worrying.

Every year, we're faced with serious concerns about the use of animals, including snakes, insects and other live creatures during the filming of the show.

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What animals on the show experience

Since 'I'm a Celebrity' was first aired, animals have been:
  • dropped
  • thrown
  • handled roughly
  • crushed
  • chased
  • overcrowded in spaces
  • scared by contestants
  • prevented from escaping stressful situations

The show sends a bad message to viewers about animals

Over 20,000 of you took action last year. With our previous calls for change ignored, we’re more concerned than ever about the use of live animals on the show and the example it sets for viewers.

The show's messaging and the potential to prompt people to try and copy the 'bushtucker trials' at home for entertainment is also worrying. We feel that deliberately portraying certain species as nasty or frightening or as objects that can be used purely for entertainment rather than sentient, living creatures sends out totally the wrong message.

Take action to Ofcom

While we understand that I’m a Celeb is a popular form of entertainment, we're only asking producers to stop using living creatures in this capacity.

Please get involved by using the form below to let Ofcom know that harm to living creatures for I’m a Celebrity is unacceptable.