Help us change the lives of billions of farm animals

As the UK Government sets new agriculture policies for England after Brexit, we're calling for the new Government to reintroduce the Agriculture Bill as a priority in their first Queen's Speech. This will ensure greater welfare protections for billions of farm animals.

Why we need a change

64 percent of people believe animal welfare is important when choosing which meat to buy © RSPCA

Farm animals are sentient beings, they can feel pleasure and pain, and we have a responsibility to safeguard their welfare. Whilst progress has been made, farm animals continue to suffer because of unsuitable farming practices, but now we've been given a chance to make a big change. 

The Agriculture Bill gives us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the future for millions of farm animals, as the UK Government sets new agricultural policies in England as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

What the Agriculture Bill can do for farm animal welfare

The Agriculture Bill is the future for food, farming and the environment, and will set agricultural policy in England. The last Government introduced a Bill before the General Election which we largely supported, and we want the new Government to reintroduce that Bill and ensure that farm animal welfare is at the heart of agriculture policy in the future.

Eight out of ten people support government subsidies being used to improve animals welfare © RSPCA

What we want to see in the Agriculture Bill: 

  • Animal welfare considered as an important factor when developing future farming policies
  • Farming subsidies to incentivise and support farmers improving the welfare of their farm animals - public money not used to support farmers who are just meeting minimum requirements
  • Farming practices that support wildlife and protect their natural habitats
  • Method of production and slaughter labelling on all animal products
  • Free trade agreements that will ensure we won't import products farmed to lower welfare standards

A critical chance to change animal welfare

The Agriculture Bill is an opportunity to bring about change © RSPCA

The policies set out in the last Government's Agriculture Bill could mean we move closer to the end of: 

  • keeping hens in enriched battery cages
  • confining pregnant and nursing pigs in farrowing crates
  • farming ducks without full body access to water
  • dairy cows suffering from lameness and mastitis (an infection of the udders)
  • and ensure that all animal products are labelled so shoppers can identify farming system and method slaughter.

We call on the new Government to reintroduce the Agriculture Bill in their first Queen's Speech and ensure that farm animal welfare remains at the heart of the Bill and of agriculture policy in England in the future. 

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