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How ear cropping has harmed dogs


Henry arrived in the care of Hope Rescue as a stray in May 2022. A call had come in from a concerned member of the public after finding Henry collapsed, starving and unable to stand. He had sadly had his ears cropped, and he wasn’t microchipped. He was not claimed by the owner.

Henry was a very nervous boy when he first arrived. After receiving emergency vet care, Hope Rescue focused on finding Henry a loving foster home. Henry has improved so much since being with his foster family. His character has begun to shine through, and he shares his foster home with the resident rabbits. Since joining his foster family, he has made multiple canine friends and become somewhat of a local celebrity.

Henry does have ongoing medical problems which require regular vet visits to a specialist referral vets. His condition has improved greatly, but it is suspected he has a brain lesion causing low sodium levels. However, with the wonderful care of his foster family, Henry copes with it all like a trooper.


In 2022, 15 week old Bear came into our care after one of our inspectors investigated his case. Sadly, both ear flaps were cut, exposing the cartilage. There was no evidence of any surgical technique, sutures or dressings.

Bear was subjected to a needless procedure that regardless of care always implicates discomfort and potential pain during and after the procedure. A man was convicted for animal cruelty offences and Bear has now been rehomed with a loving family.

Duke, Pepper, Cooper, Poppy, Daisy and Sage

In 2020, we rescued six bully-type puppies after the police attended an incident the night before. The puppies were discovered in the middle of having their ears illegally cropped.

The police discovered two of the puppies sedated on the living room floor. One puppy was coming out of sedation, three had just had their ears cropped while the other three puppies were in a dog crate. The three who had just had their ears cropped were still semi-comatose as a result of the sedatives given to them.

In addition to the shocking discovery, there were vet products, scissors, gloves, metal clamps and tissues covered with blood.  There were also three empty bottles of Sedivet and Ketamine and the tips of the six ears that had been cut off. The men were arrested and the police seized all the evidence including the six puppies, all the equipment and their mobile phones. We undertook a full inquiry and all puppies have now found loving new homes.

All three men pleaded guilty and sentencing took place in 2022. 

Help us put an end to ear cropping

Ear cropping is an unnecessary process, ask for urgent change by cracking down on imports of dogs with cropped ears.