Eat. Sit. Suffer. Repeat.

Campylobacter is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Raw poultry, beef, offal and other meats - as well as unpasteurised milk - are foods most likely to contain this.

Alarming links found between chicken welfare and human antibiotic resistance.

Chicken causes 70% of food poisoning cases in the UK. We found concerning research that revealed that: 
  • Faster growing, lower welfare birds suffer more than slower growing, higher welfare birds when infected with campylobacter, a bacteria.
  • Higher stress levels in chickens cause the bacteria to spread. Putting meat-eaters at a greater risk of contracting the bacterial disease.
  • This common infectious disease is now developing alarming resistance to our vital antibiotics. Effectively putting human health at risk.
The bottom line: millions of innocent animals are suffering. While essential human medication becomes less effective.

Improve chicken welfare now for animal and human health

Why do farming standards make a difference? While higher welfare birds can still be infected. They have a stronger immune system. This means that they can handle the infection better.

Some data even shows that antibiotic usage in faster-growing breeds may be over five times higher than slower growing, higher welfare breeds. 

  • What's the problem? More antibiotics used means bacteria can develop more antibiotic resistance. This affects human health by making our vital antibiotics less powerful!
  • What can be done? Higher welfare birds have fewer stressors than faster-growing birds because of how they're raised. Less stress means that the infectious disease is less likely to spread which could result in fewer human infections.

Together, we can stand up for better animal welfare as well as fight to preserve the future of human health. How? By demanding higher welfare farming.

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