Stop 15 animal welfare laws getting scrapped

The list of scrapped animal welfare pledges continues to grow. Earlier this year, we heard that the landmark Kept Animals Bill had been dropped by the UK Government - legislation that would have:
  • tackled the cruel puppy trade
  • ended the import of dogs with cropped ears
  • stopped the live export of farm animals
Worse still, ministers have now announced that they're shelving plans to consult on much needed reform on caged farm animals.

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The UK Government is letting our animals down

This means that to date, a shocking 15 policy pledges for animals have been dropped and as a result many pets, farm animals and wildlife will be exposed to pain, mistreatment and worse because these promises have been broken.

The welfare of millions of animals has been abandoned

The promised consultation on caged farm animals is the UK Government’s latest casualty, having now been dropped. This U-turn will affect millions of animals in England, including chickens and pigs. Sadly, this could mean that cages with space often no bigger than an A4 piece of paper for each hen and metal farrowing crates for pigs will continue to be used.

What once was a promising year for animal welfare has resulted in millions of animals being let down. We must remind the UK Government to keep its word.

The UK Government says it remains committed to leading the world in animal welfare, but we have to hold them to their promises.

It's not too late to take action

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