Licensing partners

For over 15 years, our licensing programme has worked in partnership with a wide range of carefully selected companies and brands. Together we've developed and designed an amazing collection of RSPCA inspired licensed products.

The funds raised from the sale of these products have ensured our inspectors, animal centres, wildlife centres, rehoming centres, hospitals, and our education team can continue to make a real difference to the lives of injured and abused animals across England and Wales.

Over the last four years our licensees have helped us raise over one million pounds!

With one million pounds we're able to either:

  • recruit, train and equip 27 inspectors, or
  • feed all the animals at 130 of our centres, branches and hospitals, or
  • pay the yearly running costs of two rehoming centres, or
  • cover all the bills for three of our four wildlife centres.

Contact details

If you are interested in becoming an RSPCA licensing partner please email our licensing team at for an application form.

Current partners