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McAdams Pet Foods

McAdams cares deeply about animals and shares our vision where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion.

Their values align with our own in ensuring that pets receive great quality food and farm animals have a better quality of life.

High quality food for your pet

McAdams uses ingredients that give your pet the nutrition they need:
  • Irish seaweed is a superfood high in omega-3 and is key to brain development
  • Green-lipped muscles are also gently baked into the food, helping to keep your pet's joints healthy
  • Nutritious vegetables, fresh herbs and natural botanicals are used to help maintain a healthy body 
An RSPCA inspector visiting a McAdams high welfare chicken farmer

Ehtically sourced ingredients

McAdams produces the only ultra-premium dog food and cat food with its dry food range made using ethically sourced free-range meat and fish from RSPCA Assured certified farms - in a bid to increase dog and cat welfare as rehoming centres reach critical levels.

The RSPCA's welfare standards go above and beyond many other schemes to cover every aspect of the animals' lives - from birth through to slaughter.

The RSPCA Assured mark makes it easy for people to recognise products from animals that had a better life, so they can feel confident and good about their choice.

And every bag of McAdams baked complete sold in the UK will go towards supporting our vital work with a guaranteed minimum of £100K, in the second year of this partnership.

Helping feed animals in our care

We're committing to feeding animals in our care with McAdams as we share their values that pets should receive quality food from farm animals that have had a better quality of life.

Where to buy

McAdams is available from all good specialist pet retailers, all Pets Corner stores as well as their online shop.