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Find your kind 

Animals need our help more than ever. By rallying together and showing kindness to animals we can create a better world for all. Discover your type of kindness and get inspired with ways to help.

Discover the hidden emotional lives of the animals in our film

Every day our actions affect the animals we share our world with. By treating every animal with kindness and respect, we can create a better world for all.

Queenie the cow and friends remind us how our choices count  

Cows like Queenie will go on walks with their bestie, and even snuggle up together side-by-side to sleep if given the space and freedom to do so. And chickens let out a cat-like purr if they’re feeling particularly happy. Because, like our cats and dogs, they feel joy, anger, fear, and much more. By choosing higher welfare meat, dairy, fish and eggs, you’ll be giving farmed animals an opportunity to live better.

Rocky our lobster wants you to know he has feelings 

Did you know lobsters can feel pleasure and joy? There is also research to suggest they can feel anxiety. They react to anxiety just like we do – by heading to a space where they feel safe. Like us, they are emotional, sentient beings, and they’re not alone. Studies prove that many animals are sentient. They can all feel the impact of our actions and deserve our respect and kindness.  

Bruno the pug wishes he could breathe easy

Animals with short noses and flat faces (also known as brachycephalic) have become worryingly fashionable. Because of the way they’re bred to have extreme face shapes, these dogs, cats and even some rabbits have a much higher risk of breathing problems, dental issues, eye conditions and skin infections. People power can help us raise awareness and buck this trend, so all breeds can breathe freely. And owners of flat-faced pets can find out how to provide the best possible care to give their pets a more comfortable life.

Barb the hedgehog and Ginger the fox could use your help to thrive 

Why do we love the hedgehogs who visit our garden, but treat foxes as pests? Instead, we can create a kinder world for all the wildlife who visit our gardens. It’s easy to check bonfire piles before you light them to give animals time to escape. Stashing netting safely stops animals getting tangled, and keeping our gardens tidy prevents animals getting injured or trapped.

Callie the kitten knows an easy way to stop strays   

The number of pregnant cats and unwanted kittens in our care peaks from June to September every year. Neutering or spaying your cat is one of the easiest ways to help ease the pressure ‘kitten season’ puts on our centres. And if you’re looking for a new family member, we have thousands of animals in our care all looking for the perfect home. Could you consider adopting instead of buying a pet?

Max the greyhound never wanted to be a sportsman

Dogs express joy every day when they get the zoomies or when they play bow with their best friends. But every year, rather than experiencing a life full of happiness and joy, thousands of greyhounds face a life of uncertainty, injury and even death in the name of sport and entertainment. We can create a kinder world for them by putting a stop to greyhound racing for good.