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A close-up of a rescued cat being stroked by their new owner

Do you show kindness with your voice?

Give all the actions you've done a big fat TICK. Or if you’re not one for words, go on to the next question.

I encourage my friends and family to take action for animals.

I've written to an elected official or signed a petition to help animals.

I’ve been the voice for an animal in need: I’ve reported an injury or act of cruelty.

I shared an RSPCA post, campaign or petition on social media.

I give praise to my pet (usually in a voice I make just for them…).

close-up of British Bulldog breed of dog

Do you show kindness with quality time?

Tick all the ways you're kinda awesome. Or find another kind by clicking NEXT.

I take time to play with my pet. Fetch!

I’ve fundraised in the community or taken on a charity challenge to raise money for animals.

I’m the kind that has love to spare - I've fostered an animal for a few months.

I’ve volunteered to help animals in the community or at an animal centre (Hello! Do we recognise you…?).

I’ve adopted rather than bought a pet (and given them ALL the love, of course).

Local RSPCA branches helping out with food bank schemes

Are you the gift-giving kind?

Select amount below… (boxes this time, not £s).

Yeah, I’ve donated provisions to local animal centres.

I bought a bird feeder for my garden. That’s my kind of Twitter.

I’ve donated to help animals. (Whether it was us, or elsewhere - thank you! We appreciate you.)

I’ve said hi on the high street - I support animal welfare by shopping at RSPCA charity shops.

I want to leave a life-saving legacy - I’m choosing to donate in my will.

An rspca volunteer helping at an rspca charity shop

Is your kindness action-based?

Just like your to-do list, check the ones you've done.

I do acts of kindness for small animals, like leaving out food and water for hedgehogs.

I’m a lifesaver! I’ve helped to move an animal out of harm’s way.

I’m up for the dirty work, like binning litter to prevent animal injuries.

I’m a feeder - I’ve helped out locally by donating to a pet foodbank.

I’ve chosen RSPCA assured meat, fish, eggs or dairy, to make sure animals get better living standards.

Primary school children learning about the danger of litter and wildlife

Are you the comforting kind?

You know the drill now! Tick tick (cuddle) tick.

I’ve helped an animal that was stuck or injured.

I observe wildlife from afar, letting them enjoy their own space.

I'm polite to pets. I give them space when they need it.

I’m the kind to look after my neighbour’s pet when they need me.

I give my pet a warm, happy home.