Coronavirus: One year on

Despite how hard we have been hit by the pandemic over the last year we must and will continue to rescue and care for animals that have faced cruelty and neglect. 

What a difference a year makes: Bella's lockdown story

Bella's life during lockdown © RSPCABella's life during lockdown © RSPCAThe past 12 months has made it trickier for us to rehome dogs, especially those with complex needs. But there's an upside - lockdown has enabled our animal carers and behaviourists to work more closely with these dogs, in quieter environments, to give them their best-ever chance of a happy ever after.

Dogs like Bella the beagle-lurcher, who's spent a year in our care learning how to be her best self. And every moment has counted. Now she deserves a reward for all her hard work - and someone else deserves to benefit from her wonderful company.

Bella's full story

Travel tips for UK staycations

Cat sleeping in the sun © Simon BergerUK travel will be permitted for England residents from 12 April 2021.

Many more families are expected to holiday at home this year - with major restrictions on foreign travel expected to remain in place for some time to come - and as 3.2 million households added a new pet to their family during lockdown for many, this could be their first experience of staycationing with their furry-friend.

Holiday advice for new pet owners

Adopting and fostering our animals

You may still be able to adopt and foster our animals during the lockdown. Although our network of animal centres, wildlife centres and charity shops must close to the public until further notice.

Although our centres are now closed to the public, our inspectors are still working hard to rescue animals in need and bring them into the safety of our care. If you need to report cruelty you can do so, as always, by calling us on 0300 1234999.

This is an incredibly difficult time for us and we appreciate your ongoing support during the Coronavirus crisis.

Let people know who your emergency pet carer is

Let people know who your emergency pet carer is © RSPCA

In case you need to go to hospital, use our emergency pet carer form and display at your home so people know who to contact.

Emergency pet carer form (PDF 82KB)

Coronavirus and pets
Coronavirus and pets
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