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Keeping your pets safe at Christmas

Christmas is great! There are presents, fantastic food and we get to spend time with family and friends. But did you know that Christmas can be hazardous and stressful for your pets? Here's how to keep your pets safe and happy over the festive season.

Christmas food can be poisonous for pets

Did you know some of our festive foods can be dangerous to pets? If you're thinking of making a fuss of your pets with some extra food treats this Christmas, take a look at our advice on festive food for your pets.

Christmas trees and other decorations

Festive food isn't the only hazard to consider around Christmas time - some of the things you have in your home can be dangerous too. Some festive plants and flowers can be toxic to pets, including poinsettias, holly, ivy, mistletoe and lilies, so avoid buying these if you have pets.

Tinsel and wrapping paper might be tempting for your pet to play with, but make sure they don't eat it!

Christmas trees and pets

It's best to only allow your pets around the tree when you can keep a close eye on them, because:

  • Hanging edible decorations, such as chocolate, are poisonous to dogs and can make them seriously ill
  • Cats and dogs might be tempted to chew or play with hanging tree decorations.

Help your pet cope with Christmas chaos

Christmas is often busy and chaotic, but you can help your pet cope with the chaos by sticking to their normal routine as much as possible. For more advice, read our tips on planning ahead to help keep your pets calm at Christmas.

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