Have an animal friendly Christmas

We all love Christmas! But, whilst we're busy getting wrapped up in the festive fun, we may forget to think about the effect Christmas can have on our pets and other animals too.

Take a look around and we'll share some gift ideas for animals and animal lovers, help you to ensure your pets remain safe and calm and you'll even discover how to make reindeer food that's safe for wildlife.

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Stock the sleigh for animals in our care

Stock the Sleigh for animals in RSPCA care

Every animal rescued by our inspectors will get the veterinary treatment and caring attention they need to begin their recovery.

Pets who might only have ever have known suffering will receive toys and treats, comfy beds and blankets and delicious dinners. Rescued injured wildlife will receive the emergency treatment they need to be released back to the wild. Together, we can make sure that all the animals in our care have a safe and comfortable Christmas.

Will you support us and help deliver kindness to animals in our care this Christmas?