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Firework alternatives

Fireworks are a popular choice for celebrations, however they can be harmful to animals. If you'd like to be more animal friendly, consider attending other events or hosting your own.

Light displays

Go for light displays that can create a similar visual spectacle as fireworks. LED light installations, drone displays, and even laser light shows can still fill the night sky with vibrant colours, but without the loud noises that unsettle our animals.

Whilst lasers are a great alternative, think about the light sensitivity to animals. Make sure there are no livestock and horses in the local area, who may be spooked by sudden or repeated flashes of light. 

Music events

Live music performances or outdoor concerts are a great way to celebrate special events. It can create a joyful and festive atmosphere, bringing people together and avoiding the startling noises that frighten animals.

Nature and wildlife events

Embrace nature and the great outdoors by organising wildlife-themed events or nature walks during the evening.

Explore and appreciate the beauty of nature and experience nocturnal wildlife in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Community gatherings

Organise community gatherings to celebrate together with neighbours and loved ones. These gatherings can include activities such as games and bonfires. If having a bonfire, make sure you check that no animals are hiding in it before lighting.

Lantern parades

Lantern parades involve fixed lanterns, eliminating the risks associated with sky lanterns. Unlike sky lanterns, which are released into the sky using an open flame, fixed lanterns are lit by LEDs and are safely secured to the floor or carrying poles and do not pose a fire hazard or risk to wildlife.

These parades get more popular during the winter months and are usually accessible to all. It's good for children and young people who often get to hold the lights in their hands and see them up close.

Virtual events

Technology has made it easy to use virtual celebrations. Virtual games, video calls, live streams and online events can be just as engaging and memorable. It's ideal for people who live far apart and allows them to connect where they might not be able to.

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