Year of the dog - be #DogKind

2018 is the Year of the Dog - man's best friend. But how much do we really understand about our dogs? Do we behave in a way which is #DogKind and ensures they are physically fit and psychologically fulfilled? Put simply, are Britain's dogs healthy and happy?

The results are in!

We surveyed thousands of dog owners asking about their knowledge of the behavioural and social needs of their dogs, as as well as their attitudes and behaviour towards dog training and problematic behaviour. Here are just some of our key findings:

  • Couple playing with their new adopted dog © RSPCA
    87 percent said they agreed dogs need the company of people. But 22 percent of dogs spend four hours or more alone during an average weekday.
  • Almost half of our nation’s dogs get between 30 and 60 minutes exercise per day. However, six percent of dogs owners report not walking their dog every day.
  • Nearly 20 percent of dogs are never let off the lead when walked.
  • 93 percent of dog owners agreed that dogs need regular opportunities to play. 67 percent always have access to toys at home, but just 22 percent never have toys to play with during exercise.

Read the full report - Being #DogKind

Read more about the attitudes and behaviours of dog owner’s including attitudes to training and addressing behavioural problems

Take action this Year of the Dog

To celebrate the Year of the Dog we're inviting dog owners to understand how to be more #DogKind.

Each month we'll be focussing on a theme to help dog owners meet the needs of their dogs, by improving their understanding of what dogs need. Take a look around and see what you can learn about your dog today.

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