Meat chickens - what are we doing?

We are working in a number of different ways to improve the welfare of chickens. Below are some examples of our work to help improve the lives of chickens farmed for meat.

RSPCA welfare standards for chickens

We strongly encourage all chicken producers to adopt the RSPCA welfare standards for chickens, which we've developed to ensure that higher standards of animal welfare are met at all stages of the chicken's life

The standards address all of the key areas affecting chicken welfare. For example, they ensure that there is sufficient space and facilities for chickens to perform active behaviours, and they require the use of slower growing breeds to help prevent the welfare problems that can result from fast growth, such as lameness. 

Engaging with decision makers


We are currently working with the government on the implementation of the European Directive to protect the welfare of broilers.


We take every opportunity to work closely with food retailers, and suggest how improvements to meat chicken welfare can be made. Discussions with retailers on their chicken meat sourcing policies have resulted in significant progress in both the UK and overseas, with many now setting improved welfare requirements for the farms that supply them.

Showing the benefits of higher welfare

Our Everyone's a winner report (PDF 590KB) demonstrates how rearing chickens to higher welfare standards can benefit not only chickens, but also producers, retailers and consumers.

As a consumer, you have a great deal of power to help improve chicken welfare. Please find out more about how you can help.

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