Beef cattle - what we're doing

We're working hard to help give beef cattle a better quality of life. Here are some of the things we're doing.

Developing welfare standards for beef cattle

We encourage as many beef cattle farmers as possible to adopt our RSPCA welfare standards, which we've developed for the main species of farm animals. These provide 'best practice' on the care and welfare of beef cattle. They are used in the RSPCA Assured scheme and by many other bodies and organisations.

The RSPCA welfare standards cover every aspect of the animals' lives, including feed and water provision, living conditions, management, health care, transport and humane slaughter/killing. They're designed to ensure that all animals reared by following them have everything they need for a great quality of life.

Sitting on government and industry cattle committees

We take every opportunity to put forward our views to encourage better cattle welfare. Our scientific staff represent our views on government and industry committees, such as the Cattle Health and Welfare Group for England, an industry-wide group tasked with improving the health and welfare of beef and dairy cattle in England.

Working to improve the welfare of veal calves

We want to ensure that veal calves are reared under humane conditions and not transported live from the UK to systems that are not legal here. Since 2006, we have been working to encourage the use of these animals to supply the home beef market. 

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