Family fun on One Fun Day!

Thank you for a great day

Thanks to everyone who came to one of over 40 simultaneous local RSPCA events on Saturday 18 June. We were so delighted to be able to deliver One Fun Day in the real world this year as these events are so important for us to be able to fundraise to help us to help all of the animals in our care across the RSPCA network.

Thanks also to all of our wonderful branches and animal centres who went to huge effort to put on the One Fun Day events and show the importance of kindness to animals wherever you live.

We hope to continue to grow the One Fun Day events network towards our 200th birthday so look out for an even bigger network next year - and a huge birthday party in June 2024!

Help out at one of our days in 2023

If you would like to know more about One Fun Day in your area, and would like to volunteer or take part, please contact Jo Hockley.