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Cat thrown into the air for a "prank"

Cat thrown into the air for a "prank"

White and ginger cat which was thrown into the air Two men were given suspended prison sentences after a cat was abused in a "cruel, dangerous and callous prank".

They filmed the incident which shows one man pick up a white and ginger cat and throw him high into the air like a rugby ball. The cat can be seen spinning at a considerable height before he hits the ground with some force before fleeing. It was not known what injuries the cat may have sustained. Laughter can be heard in the video and one of the men was heard saying to the cat "hope you got nine lives mister".

A clear act of animal cruelty

A veterinary surgeon watched the footage which shows that the cat is initially calm and at no point does he bite or make contact with the man. The cat then becomes stressed and panics as it starts to struggle. Despite showing signs of fear at no point does the cat exhibit any viciousness.

Throwing the cat through the air in this way would have caused unnecessary mental suffering.

Our chief inspector said:

This was a cruel, dangerous and callous prank. The video footage will undoubtedly cause great shock and horror.

This poor cat was tossed high into the air like a rugby ball. The individuals had zero regard for the animal's welfare or the extreme damage this incident could've caused the poor thing. It's horrendous that anyone would deem it acceptable to treat a living creature in such a way and do so for their own entertainment.

It's awful that the two individuals clearly enjoyed, and took pleasure from, doing this to a poor defenceless animal, with the laughter in the video telling its own sick story. Fortunately, the cat survived this cruel act, and RSPCA Cymru was able to secure some justice for the poor animal involved.

Case outcome

Both men pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the cat. They were each given an eight-week prison sentence suspended for six months, disqualified from keeping animals for three years and ordered to pay £375 each in costs.

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