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Unlucky muntjac stuck upside down between two houses!

Unlucky muntjac stuck upside down between two houses!

The RSPCA and fire service helped rescue a deer who was wedged upside down in a tiny gap between two houses in Lough.

The animal welfare charity was called to help firefighters from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service during the rescue. The poor muntjac had become wedged between two walls and was upside down. The deer was rescued using ropes and poles to slowly pull him through the gap to safety. Animal Rescue Officer Karen Nix attended with her colleague Inspector Laura Jones.

Karen said: "This was a tricky rescue because the deer was trapped so tightly and to complicate matters was also upside down - it must have been terrifying for him. Thankfully he was freed and it was such a relief to watch him run free into the undergrowth. 

She added: "I'd like to say a huge thank-you to Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service for attending the rescue; the deer could not have been saved without them."

A Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue spokesperson, said: "Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue attended an incident with the RSPCA on 25 January, just before 10 am. Our crew from Louth attended along with our animal rescue specialists from Lincoln North. The crews used a short extension ladder, lines, hook, and animal rescue equipment to release the muntjac deer."

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