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RSPCA appeals for information after matted cat with ruptured eye is dumped

RSPCA appeals for information after matted cat with ruptured eye is dumped

The RSPCA is appealing to the public for help after a very matted cat with a ruptured eye was found covered in faeces in an alleyway in a Kent village.

A member of the public found the long-haired black and white cat in an alleyway in a residential area off the High Street in Halling on Sunday, 25 February. The poor cat, was covered in faeces and her fur was extremely matted. She was also clearly in desperate need of veterinary attention for her eye.

Thankfully, a member of the public took the unmicrochipped cat, to the RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre where she's receiving treatment.

RSPCA Inspector Kirsten Omerod is investigating how the cat came to be abandoned in this bad state. 

She said: "This poor cat was clearly really struggling - she was covered in excrement, her fur was incredibly matted and her eye was ruptured and oozing which must have been incredibly painful. 

"Despite her ordeal, she’s an incredibly friendly cat so must have had an owner previously which is why we think she could have been abandoned. 

"She was very lucky to have been spotted by a kind member of the public who took her to our closest animal centre. Once there, Freya had to have her fur shaved to get rid of the thick mats and she also had to have her right eye removed.

"We’re unsure of the cause of Freya’s eye injury but we aren’t ruling out deliberate cruelty at this stage - but we need the public to help us by coming forward with any information they have.”

The charity is appealing for more information from the public. Anyone with information is asked to contact them on the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

Freya, named by staff after the warrior Princess, is doing well and is continuing on antibiotics and pain relief. She won't be available for rehoming for some time whilst she recovers from her operation.

Sarah Clarkson from RSPCA Leybourne added: "Freya loves people despite the trauma she's had - she just loves to give people head bumps and love. All the staff and volunteers have fallen in love with her. 

"She's doing well but she's still got a lot of recovering to do so we ask that people do not contact the centre enquiring about adoption as she will not be available for rehoming for some time. Those interested should please keep an eye on the Leybourne website, where there's also lots of other amazing rescue pets looking for forever homes."

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