null How long we keep your information

How long we keep your information

Whatever your relationship with us, we will only store your information for a specified amount of time as set out in our internal data retention policy, which takes into account relevant legal, accounting, regulatory retention requirements and operational considerations. The length of time that data will be kept may depend on the reasons for which we are processing the data and on the law or regulations that may apply to the information. 
Where legacies are concerned, because legacy information is crucial to the valuable work that the RSPCA undertakes, we may keep data you provide to us indefinitely to carry out legacy administration and to communicate effectively with the families of people leaving us legacies. This also enables us to identify and analyse the source of legacy income we receive and also enables us to defend contested legacies where it is appropriate to do so.

Once the retention period has expired, the information will be confidentially disposed of or permanently deleted. If you request no further contact from us, we will keep some basic information about you on our suppression list in order to avoid sending you unwanted materials in the future. When we anonymise or delete your data, we will ensure that it is no longer identifiable to you. We may keep anonymised data for future analysis on aggregated data so that we can understand our supporters better.

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