11 ways to help animals every day

11 ways to help animals every day

Whether it's World Animal Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day, animals need our help all year round! No matter how big or small, kindness is always appreciated by our planet's creatures (no matter how small the animal or the action). Here are 12 ways you can help the voiceless.

1. Pick up a little litter

Picking up litter when you see it not only prevents animals from getting tangled and suffering as a result - it also helps keep our planet tidy. From picking up a little on your lunch break to going a step further and becoming a Great British Spring Clean Litter Hero, you have the power to make a real difference.

2. Volunteer dog walking (or volunteer anything!)

There are so many ways you can volunteer for animals. Whether you're looking to interact with pets, the public or politicians, there's a role for you. From online microvolunteers to dog walkers, drivers and charity shop assistants, we couldn't achieve so much for animals without our amazing volunteers, so sign up today to join our herd.

3. Make your pet (or a friend's pet) a tasty treat

If you have a pet in your home, why not get crafty and treat them to a DIY toy, tasty snack, or their own little castle? Check out our YouTube channel for all the inspo you need.

4. Make your garden wildlife-friendly

Don't forget our wild back garden buddies! There are lots of little ways you can make your garden more wildlife-friendly, from feeding birds to building a hedgehog house. Take a virtual walk around our interactive wildlife garden to see how animals need our help throughout the seasons.

5. Adopt a rescue animal

Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Adopting is one of the most rewarding ways you can help animals! We're not just about cats and dogs - we have a whole bunch of different animals looking for love, including farm animals, horses, small furries, reptiles and pet birds. Meet some of our ready-to-be-loved animals - you never know who you might fall in love with...

6. Foster an animal in need

If adopting a rescue animal isn't an option right now or not something you can commit to, have you considered fostering an animal in our care? We have lots of animals who need extra care and attention to help prepare them for their forever home, such as youngsters who need hand-feeding, those who struggle with centre environments, and others who need a little more TLC.

Find out more about fostering today.

7. Give animals a voice and help change laws

Whatever species¿s your fave, there's so much we can do to improve their welfare. You can help by signing petitions, emailing your MP, and sharing our campaigns with your friends.

Become a campaigner and sign-up for our e-newsletter to be in the know.

8. Wear your love for animals on your sleeve

Show your adoration for animals with RSPCA clothing! Every purchase supports our work, and you can help spread the message about kindness for animals too. Whether you're dotty about dogs, wild for wildlife, or fanatical about farm animals, the world is your catwalk with our stunning range of tees, sweaters, hoodies and tote bags, so get your paws on one today.

9. Sponsor an animal and change a life

Did you know that it costs a staggering £670,000 to run one of our centres for a year? You can help our furry friends by helping us keep them fed, warm, healthy and happy, whilst they find their forever homes.

Sponsor from as little as £1.50 a week.

9. Help us create #GenerationKind

Preventing animal cruelty starts with educating children to show compassion for animals. Whether you¿re a school teacher or have little ones in your family and friendship circles, you can help us build a kinder generation. Check out our range of home activities, lesson plans and school resources to keep kids entertained! And for those animal-mad under 12s, why not give them an Animal action magazine subscription?

10. Have fun and FUNdraise!

From baking to wild swims and game streams to marathons, there are so many different ways you can raise money for animals in need. Find out what fundraising activity might tickle your fancy!

11. Clear out clutter

Spring cleans can take place at any time of year! Clearing out unwanted items can be so cathartic and you'll feel even better knowing you've helped animals in the process. You can either find your local RSPCA charity shop or sell your items on eBay to raise funds for our furry (and non-furry) friends alike.

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