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Puppies for sale

Buying a puppy

Thinking of buying a puppy? It’s a big commitment, so if you’re sure you can provide the right home for a puppy, be sure you’re buying the puppy for you. Or why not rehome a dog from us? We have lots of puppies and dogs in our care looking for loving homes - and we can help match you with the perfect dog for you!

Make sure the puppy will be happy where you live

  • Do you have space in your home for the puppy you have seen for sale?
  • Will the puppies you’ve been admiring have outside space to play?

How much time can you commit to the puppy you’ve seen for sale?

Three puppies in studio  © Becky Murray/RSPCA photolibrary

Puppies need exercise, training, play and company. However different puppies need different amounts. If commitments take up lots of your time a more active breed may not be suitable for you.

Consider too, how much time can you can spend grooming? Long-haired puppies may need lots more.

Is a cross-breed or pure breed puppy right for you?

Buying one of the many pedigree puppies for sale in the UK will give you a better idea of what your dog will look like when fully grown. However many suffer from serious health and welfare problems.

Do your research and select breeders who test to ensure the future health of their puppies. The RSPCA/AWF Puppy contract can help you avoid many of the potential pitfalls associate with puppy purchasing.

Buying a puppy that will match your lifestyle

Many people have a favourite type of dog but remember that choosing a puppy based on appearance alone isn’t a good idea.

Whilst different breeds may be more likely to show certain types of behaviour, how your puppy will behave as an adult will depend a great deal upon its life experiences.

Certain breeds may have a reputation for growing into friendly family dogs, but if they aren’t trained and socialised early on they could end up being afraid of strangers, unfamiliar dogs and even their own shadow!

Are you buying your puppy from a reputable breeder?

Buying a puppy from an irresponsible breeder can end in heart break. Avoid the pitfalls, get the Puppy contract today.

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