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Our staff who died in World War One

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Remembering the role we played and the work of the Fund is one aspect of our history. Another is the role of the brave inspectors who joined the army and were killed or injured during the First World War.

Many of our inspectors had been soldiers prior to joining the RSPCA and when war was declared were re-called to their old regiments like many other reservists in Britain.

This page remembers our staff who died in the First World War.

  • Name: Allen, Morris Rees

    Date of Death: 19/09/1916

    Joined the RSPCA: 15/07/1912

  • Name: Bell, John William

    Date of Death: 06/09/1916

    Joined the RSPCA: 04/03/1912

  • Name: Claybyn, William Arthur

    Date of Death: 18/10/1914

    Joined the RSPCA: 08/02/1909

  • Name: Doney, W.J.

    Date of Death: -

    Joined the RSPCA: -

  • Name: Fleming, Percy Wilfred /listed as FW

    Date of Death: 18/09/1914

    Joined the RSPCA: 08/07/1912

  • Name: Gibson, Henry

    Date of Death: 30/09/1918

    Joined the RSPCA: 05/05/1913

  • Name: Goodyear, Frank Percy

    Date of Death: 08/02/1919

    Joined the RSPCA: 04/05/1908

  • Name: Hall, James Hurbert William

    Date of Death: 03/05/1917

    Joined the RSPCA: 05/07/1910

  • Name: Newnham, Thomas Oliver

    Date of Death: 25/12/1919

    Joined the RSPCA: 05/07/1910

  • Name: Roberts, Friday F.W.

    Date of Death: 29/03/1918

    Joined the RSPCA: 28/10/1907

  • Name: Rowledge, Ernest James

    Date of Death: 13/05/1915

    Joined the RSPCA: 07/04/1913

  • Name: Russell, William Joseph

    Date of Death: 08/10/1917

    Joined the RSPCA: 27/01/1913

  • Name: Smith, A.W.

    Date of Death: -

    Joined the RSPCA: -

  • Name: Taylor, A.H.

    Date of Death: -

    Joined the RSPCA: -

  • Name: Thompson, Sidney Barnard

    Date of Death: 28/10/1914

    Joined the RSPCA: 05/07/1910

  • Name: Thompson, W.

    Date of Death: -

    Joined the RSPCA: -

  • Name: Trory, Frederick Russell

    Date of Death: 22/03/1918

    Joined the RSPCA: 05/02/1912

  • Name: White, Walter John

    Date of Death: 10/10/1915

    Joined the RSPCA: 07/08/1906