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lurcher rpsca william
Five things I learned after adopting a rescue dog
From starving to spoilt! A guest blog written by Rachel Butler, our press officer and dog-mum to lurcher, William...
rspca fish
Fishes have feelings too: diving into fish myths and setting the record straight
"Well, I'm here to tell you that everything you might have heard about fishes is actually... not true at all!"
sammy and amy arthiritis rspca dog
Understanding canine arthritis and helping your ageing dog
While you no longer need to think about house training or socialisation classes, older age can bring with it a whole host of new considerations and challenges...
10 'random acts of kindness' you can do for animals any day of the year
Today we're celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, and this year we're focusing on the ways in which we can all share some kindness with our furry and scaly friends.
gordon dunham rspca volunteer
From pig escapes to rare birds - our volunteer drivers have seen it all!
"If you volunteer you'll get the chance to meet some very inspiring people. But, most of all, you'll meet some unforgettable animals that will repay your kindness every time you volunteer."
rspca brexit pigs
As British MEPs meet to discuss animal welfare for the last time, which route will the UK take on animal standards?
This week the EU Bill is expected to complete its stages in the House of Lords. It sets out the terms on which we leave the European Union on 31 January.
children in school generation kind rspca
Why animal welfare in schools will help build a kinder generation
A guest blog by 14-year-old, school student and supporter, Skye - on why we need to teach animal welfare in schools, now.
michelle influencer rspca
Influencer, Michelle Elman tells us how volunteer dogs helped her walk
"It seems extreme to say that I don't think I would have learned to walk without the help of those dogs but it's accurate."
rspca charity shop challenge
Help save our planet in 2020 with the Charity Shop Challenge
Charity shops save 29 tonnes of textiles from going into landfill each year and with over 300 RSPCA charity shops that's around 8,700 tonnes saved - the equivalent to over 1,200 African elephants!
RSPCA NSW inspectors down in the south coast helping animals in need
Will you make a donation to the Australian bushfires?
The fires that have devastated the Australian continent over the past weeks, claiming the lives of people and forcing many to leave their homes, continue to burn and the worst is still to come as the summer rolls on.