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rosie rspca
Frightening fireworks: Rosie's Story
Rosie was "immediately concerned for the kittens' hearing, they were so small."
12 ways to help animals every day

Whether it's World Animal Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day, animals need our help all year round.

rspca chicken
CO2 crisis shows it's time we rethink our throwaway meat consumption
What has the petrol crisis got to do with animal welfare? Find out on today's blog...
rspca puppy
Buying a puppy? Here's how to avoid heartbreak
Buying a puppy can be risky business. Here's why...
rspca farm cat
Fun on the farm: Three heart-warming 'farm cat' rehoming stories
Research has shown that 90% of centres and branches find it harder to rehome 'farm cats' and so we've launched a new rehoming campaign to help find alternative homes for cats who prefer the great outdoors.
farm cat rspca
The Great Outpaws! We're looking for outdoor homes for nervous cats
After data showed that it's much harder to find homes for 'farm cats' we've launched a new rehoming campaign to help find alternative homes for cats who prefer the great outdoors.
Horse racing with whips
An end to 'encouragement'- it's time for horseracing to follow the science about whipping

Why the use of the whip doesn't have a place in horseracing.

staffy rspca
Why Breed Specific Legislation continues to fail dogs and people
BSL has killed thousands of dogs over 30 years because of how they look. This has to stop.
ypa rspca
Calling all young photographers: Enter your animal pics to win! 
We're offering young people the chance to win amazing prizes in return for them getting snap happy with their favourite animals.
rspca rabbits
Why talking sense about sentience is so important for animal welfare
The science is there - animals can feel pain, distress, happiness and fear. This Government has a clear commitment to animal welfare and this bill is about drawing on the available science and expertise to improve public policy-making.