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Flat-faced dogs: Celebrated at Crufts but still suffering
"It's dogs like Henny and the breeders who produced him who should have been awarded, not the more exaggerated version who was broadcast to millions and paraded as the blueprint for the British bulldog."
Close-up of french bulldog standing outside © Karsten Winegeart | Unsplash
'I love dogs - but we're ruining them'

Our desire for cuteness and the selection for shorter, flatter faces has resulted in dogs who struggle to breathe.

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Time to act: More animals intensively farmed than ever before
"2022 is a pivotal year for farm animal welfare."
Storm's story: Dealing with separation anxiety

"Owning a dog is a challenge, it's a huge responsibility, and it's a privilege."

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It's time for fly-tipping to buzz off
Over one million fly-tipping incidents reported.
What's going on with the regulations of animals in science?

A blog by our Chief Executive, Chris Sherwood.

Vegetable patches to football nets: Why netting endangers wildlife

Last year we received 2,280 calls about animals in netting.

The curtains need to close on intentional horse abuse
"All of these practices involve nothing less than the absolutely overt, intentional infliction of intense pain on sentient animals for personal gain - the winning of competitions and the money and status this brings."
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RSPCA Cymru's animal welfare wishes for 2022
With Christmas and the new year just around the corner, we've been busy reflecting on the many achievements made for animals in Wales over the last year, along with our welfare wishes for 2022.
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Be #DogKind: Don't leave your pooch wishing for company this Christmas
But some of our other pups prefer to stay away from the heart of our celebrations, as it can be a bit too overwhelming for them - even for some usually confident dogs.