Reviewing our prosecutions work

In December 2013 we commissioned an independent review of our prosecutions work.

The report concluded that we should continue our role as a prosecuting body. However, the report has recommended a re-positioning of our long-standing enforcement role to bring it up to date with 21st-century expectations of transparency and accountability.

Read the review of our prosecutions work.

The review acknowledges the 'substantial and important' role undertaken by us in enforcing animal welfare legislation in England and Wales and its 'huge contribution to animal welfare.'

We've welcomed the report and have taken steps to assess and respond to the recommendations. The latest of these steps is to introduce a prosecutions oversight panel. 

Prosecutions oversight panel

The independent prosecution oversight panel serves in an expert advisory capacity and provides independent expert advice on our prosecutions.

Read more about the purpose and responsibilities of the independent prosecution oversight panel

Summary of findings from the panel

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