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Phone scams

From time to time we're made aware of calls being made to supporters from numbers who are posing as us. These calls may ask the caller if they're willing to set up a standing order direct debit or make a donation.

Missing pet scams

Fraudsters can pose as the RSPCA and ask for money, claiming to have found missing pets.

The fraudsters will ask for bank details over the phone, either to pay for life-saving surgery, vet's fees, or fees for the pets to be returned. We don’t ask for money for vet care for missing pets over the phone. If you receive this call, don’t give out your details.

Anyone contacted about a missing pet in our care should ask for a reference number and the officer's name and call our national call centre on 0300 1234 999.

Scammers using lost pet ads

Scammers might use your phone number if you have them on missing pet posters or online. Be careful when offering reward money or sharing bank details over the phone.

Fraudsters might mirror our phone number so the incoming call displays 0300 123 8585. If the call isn’t genuine, contact the police on 101.

If you suspect a call isn't genuine

It's very concerning that people are being targeted in these scams and we're urging our supporters to be vigilant and to be aware that this can happen.

If this happens to you, hang up and please report it to Action Fraud Police.

You can also contact our Customer Engagement Team on 0300 123 0346 to check if the fundraising call is genuine.

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