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Tougher penalties for animal cruelty offenders

We work everyday to prevent cruelty happening to animals

Sadly, despite the laws we've helped to put into place, cruelty to animals still goes on.

As the law stands at present, the maximum penalty for the most serious animal abuse cases is just six months custodial and/or an unlimited fine. As a nation of animal lovers this is not sufficient. There should be tougher penalties, restorative justice and a register of offenders for those found guilty of animal cruelty offences.

It sends an important message on how we value our cats, dogs and horses. A person found guilty of selling fake DVDs could get a higher sentence than a person kicking a dog down the stairs.

England is falling behind other countries in sentences it allows for animal cruelty. Over 20 countries worldwide, including Northern Ireland, have tougher sentences.  We risk losing our label as being a national of animal lovers.

Write to the Secretary of State responsible for animal welfare

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