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Animal cruelty offenders

Every day we investigate 400 cruelty complaints and rescue 320 animals

It’s been 10 years since the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act - a crucial piece of legislation for the safeguarding of animal welfare which allows us to act before an animal suffers. But, 10 years later and animals are still suffering.

Every day there are four convictions for animal cruelty

In 2016 we successfully convicted 1,401 animal abusers. Many of those convicted will have received a ban for keeping animals and some will have received a fine or custodial sentence.

The maximum custodial sentence for even the most serious cases of abuse is a lifetime ban and just six months custody and/or an unlimited fine. We don’t believe this is enough.

Call for tougher sentencing and an offender’s register

We’re calling for an offender’s register for those banned from keeping animals to be made available to those responsible for finding animals loving new homes.

We want the penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty to be tougher. We want judges to be able to hand out tougher sentences for those convicted of the most horrific cases of animal cruelty.

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