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Fireworks survey

Please be advised that by completing this form you're not reporting an incident that we can respond to. If you wish to report cruelty, neglect or have seen an animal in urgent need you must call 0300 1234 999 to make your report.

The information you share within this form will be stored securely on a password protected web application. The partial postcode data you provide will be used to map and monitor firework incidents impacting animal welfare across England and Wales.

We will also monitor this data to understand as best we are able the actions taken by residents to report incidents. Hotspot locations and numerical statistics may be shared with local authorities or organisations responsible for the regulation of fireworks (BEIS) to inform local and national policy.

Any case studies provided with consent to contact will not be used without your express permission and sign off and if used could be shared in the media, print press on television and in RSPCA campaign communications.

All information shared with the RSPCA will be kept throughout the lifecycle of the #BangOutOfOrder campaign and then remain on files thereafter should you wish to access those records. Please do not complete this survey if you are under 16 years of age and ask a parent or guardian to submit your report on your behalf.